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Aeon is one of the two bosses found in Aeon of Storms. He is the AoS equivalent of Dragon from League of Legends. Located near the top left of the map, his position favors the Protoss side in terms of ease of access. He currently deals Spell Damage on all his attacks and will use a ground pound that stuns when facing multiple heroes.

Aeon currently grants +225 Minerals to those that slay him.

Aeon Stats[]

Base Stats[]

Weapon Damage Aeon Smash Damage Weapon Speed Health
60 (100% Splash) 180 1.5 3500


Every 7.5 Minutes
Weapon Damage Aeon Smash Damage Health
10 20 250

Aeon Control[]

As of v.1110, Aeon Control is one of the most important factors of whether or not one can transition into the mid/late game with an advantage. Having two Aeons under your belt can be the difference in the next teamfight which usually leads to a Tier 2 tower or Daggoth.