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Bio is one hell of a pusher and one hell of a boss killer. Leave him alone in teamfights and he will wreak everything and have enough time to get away thanks to his amazing kit.

Item List[]

Final Item List

Begin with a Duran's Buckler and try to rush a Coat of Arms. Depending on how well you do in lane, you might need additional Duran's Buckler before getting the Coat of Arms. After that item, continue with your final item list.

Skill Build[]

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Bio is primarily a pusher but he can also be a devastating killer thanks to his Ultimate. His kit makes him tank and take towers with ease as well as kill Aeon and Daggoth in record time.

  • Hive Master creates those little minions for you. Fairly self-explanatory.
  • Civilian Takedown is one of the strongest moves in the game if used correctly. It has INT scaling for each minion so if you hit an enemy with the entire wave, it can deal insane amounts of damage. Use it to spread minions when pushing or taking down a boss. While running away, use it to push enemies away so that you can get away safely.
  • Cannibalize is your primary source of sustain. Use it to continually stay in lane will health and mana or use it to survive moments in teamfights where you might die.
  • Aberrated Claymore is your bread and butter. This high-damaging skill is essentially a blink and a good one at that. It creates minions where you appear and if you stay burrowed long enough, you can cast it immediately after using it.
  • Putrify is the skill that makes you scary. It is almost an instant kill if the other person does not have some sort of AoE to kill the swarm of minions that is charging at them. This skill makes taking Aeon and Daggoth incredibly easy since it reduces their Physical Resistance as well as causing 20+ minions to attack at once.