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There is very few things known about Camille but she has been described as Analog's forbidden fruit, not because he is not able to woo and court her but because his innate homosexual nature prevents him from expressing his true feelings for her.

Early Life

Camille was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Her father, Clinton John Dawkins (1915–2010), was an agricultural civil servant in the British colonial service in Nyasaland (now Malawi). Camille has a younger sister. Her father was called up into the King's African Rifles during World War II; he returned to England in 1949, when Camille was eight. Her father had inherited a country estate, Over Norton Park, which he turned into a KFC. Both her parents were interested in natural sciences; they answered Camille's question of why Analog is retarded in scientific terms.

Relationship with Analog

It is believed that Analog first encountered Camille while ordering his 7th meal of the day at the local KFC. At first Analog did not notice her because of the amount of fried chicken he had in front of him but once he finished all 3 of his KFC buckets in 2 minutes he saw her. He then proceeded to talk to her only to be ignored for 2 weeks straight because she was busy talking to everyone else.