New Aeon of Storms Wiki

A central part of the continued growth of Aeon of Storms is its dedicated community. EKCO has provided the many people that enjoy this game a Mumble server. This allows people to organize "inhouse games" in order to not only experience high quality games but also partake in the never-ending balance tests that allows the rest of the community to play fairly balanced games.

The community is organized by its faithful and hard-working Moderators.

The Development Team

  • EKCO - The founder and creative director of AoS. Officially taking a backseat in development he still oversees the game as the new Dev team operates.
  • Wrath - No longer the newest member, Wrath is officially in charge of the back-end of AoS serving as the face of EKCO.
  • WhaleTits - The newest game design leader and game balancer. It remains to be seen whether he will be as efficient as RedHydra.
  • Adamantium - Another member of the Dev team. After spending years learning the editor he has become a force to be reckoned with.


Mumble is where the heart of AoS's dedicated community lies. Here is where the majority of the "inhouse games" occur. These games are meant to be pseudo-competitive games that attempts to create a environment for beta testing and tournaments.

Inhouse Tier List

Within the inhouse community there are those that rise above the rest. These are the Tier 1 Players. Some of the wiser members of Mumble have tried to create a list of people allocated into tier lists. This was the closest they got.


There are also several clans found within the inhouse community. Here are just a few of the clans that can be found for Aeon of Storms:

Clan List
Clan G + G
Clan SLP
Core Professional Gaming
John + 4
Clan AoS