New Aeon of Storms Wiki

In a game of AoS, there are many units, other than heroes, that are extremely important to the game.

Killing creeps grants minerals to the hero who killed the creep and a set amount of experience that is divided and given to each hero in a radius around where the creep died.

Creeps play a significant role in Aeon of Storms. Being the player's main source of income and experience points, understanding how the creep mechanic works in AoS allows one to level up and earn minerals to win the game.

Lane Creeps

Creeps are non-hero units that exist ingame. Each team has 3 types of allied creeps that push down lanes, killing enemy creeps, heroes, buildings and towers that get near them in their lane.

Protoss Creeps

Zerg Creeps

Neutral Creeps

Neutral creeps are non-colored units that spawn in groups in the jungle of AoS. They are not allied to either team, and may be killed by a hero from any team to gain minerals and experience. Due to their scare nature, they yield more experience and minerals as well.

Neutral Creep Camps


Two bosses exist ingame, each in an alcove on each side of the river. Aeon is the easier of the two, with Daggoth being extremely hard to take on solo. These bosses grow in strength the longer the game goes on. Usually, killing a boss requires a team effort, but also leaves the team vunerable while killing it.

Killing a boss grants minerals to all members of the team, experience to heroes around where it died, and, in the case of Daggoth, grants a team buff.