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Daggoth, also known as Levi, is the second boss in Aeon of Storms. He is the AoS equivalent of Baron Nashor from League of Legends. Daggoth is considerably stronger than Aeon in every regard. Not only does he have higher health and higher damage but also a Weapon Damage Debuff on the primary target. His spells proc a 20% Damage Amp which stacks up to 10 times. Last but not least, he spawns Banelings that deal damage.

Daggoth currently grants +400 Minerals to those that slay him.

Daggoth Stats[]

Base Stats[]

Weapon Damage Damage Debuff Weapon Speed Health
200 40% 1.5 8000


Every 7.5 Minutes
Weapon Damage Health
40 500

Daggoth's Spawn (Banelings)[]

Weapon Damage Health
20 10

Levi Control[]

One of the most important, if not the most important, objective in the game is Levi. The buff Blood of Daggoth grants one +15% Spell and Physical Damage as well as increased Health and Mana Regen for the entire team. This allows the team with "Blood of Daggoth" to essentially have a huge advantage in the teamfights that may occur in the next 4 minutes. Since most teams realize this, having the buff usually leads to free towers and Aeons for 4 minutes which translates to a huge mineral lead and complete map control.

Stealing Levi[]

Due to the importance of Levi, most teams will attempt to try and steal the last hit on Daggoth in order to secure the buff for themselves. This is possible but difficult for a few reasons.

  • In order to prevent Zerg side from simply attacking and killing Levi from their own high ground, it is technically impossible to attack Levi from the high ground. Some have, however, found that certain heroes such as Toxi can actually attack Levi from the high ground by using Venomous Reflux and immediately attacking afterwards.
  • There is no vision of Levi from the high ground. In order to see when they are taking Levi, one must ward the pit of Levi. Competent teams will always de-ward the Levi pit before attempting to kill Levi and so stealing the buff from the high ground is difficult.
  • Competent teams will only attempt Levi once they have either ace'd the enemy team or when the enemy team is out of position and can not contest Levi in time.
  • In particular, Ironhide.Cain's Temporal Fate lets him stack supercharged autoattacks on Levi which allows him to unleash a giant burst attack on Levi. This makes it almost, if not impossible, for anyone to steal Levi when Cain is attacking it.

On the other hand, it is entirely possible for certain heroes to steal Levi. Heroes that have an easier time than others to snipe Levi include:

  • Tiberius.Rancor's Nuke/Snipe combo deals decent burst which is sometimes enough to take out Levi. Since they are abilities, he is also able to do this from the high ground.
  • Molgloo.Grunty's Rocket Lawncher can be shot from anywhere on the map so it is possible to aim it towards Levi and get the last hit.
  • Chuck.Tbone's Brownstone Totem is similar to Grunty's Rocket Lawncher but it is not affected by things in its path and as such can be easier to snipe Levi with.
  • Dustin.Brawler has two high-damaging abilities that can be used on the high ground to steal Levi. His Plasma Beam deals True Damage which means it is not affected by Daggoth's passive Spell Resist.
  • Geminus.Boros's Omnislash is infamous for stealing Levi. For some reason, it seems that when used on Levi, every single hit of Omnislash is focused on Levi which translates to massive damage.

Early Levi Attempts[]

Certain heroes in the game can allow his or her team to take Levi at a much earlier time than most teams would expect. Being able to take Levi at early as level 9-11 gives your team innate map control due to the fact that the other team ca not overextend themselves somewhere else without proper wards. Heroes that can take Levi early include:

  • Biotron.Tyrannitus is perhaps the most devastating Levi killer, being able to even solo it at level 11 with just a Coat of Arms. His Putrify lowers Daggoth's Physical Resist which allows his minions to deal extra damage.
  • Marine.King is also another strong Levi killer. The combination of his bribed unit as well as his minions coupled with the passive Weapon Speed increase he grants allows his team to burst Levi down relatively quickly.
  • Jim.Raynor's Marked for Death reduces Daggoth's Spell and Physical Resist by 30%.
  • Subterran.Unix can drain Levi and have his marines attack, the combination dealing massive damage.