One of the most essential parts of surviving in teamfights is the amount of health and resistance one has. Many of these attributes come in the form of defensive items. While there exists purely defensive items such as Organic Carpace, other such as Darwin's Might provide auto attack carries the needed tankiness they need while supplying them with ample damage and lifesteal. Finding a balance between defensive items and offensive items usually results in a stronger carry and as such one must identify his or her team's needs during the game.


MetabolicBooster CyberneticImplants HypertrophicCarapace DuransBuckler Balancer
Stabilizer KhalisWeaver KhaydrianAbsorber KhalaStone DominionStandard
PulseHammer LightningRod ExplosiveRetrofit YamatoReactor ParallaxGenerator
ExecutionersAxe CoatofArms ForceofEntropy GuardianSteel ElectricMantle
BanditsArtifice DarwinsMight OrganicCarapace


EmeraldMox XelNagaCartilage OlympicTorch MinersGoggles Sustainer
DuransMachette (1) DuransPendant DuransBuckler KorhalVanguard PulseHammer
IhanCrystal SymphonicSeed EternalDrive SuperheatedMantle DarksteelTitan
ShinobiStyle LifeTechNanosuit SmallHadronCollider OrganicCarapace NitrogenRetrofit

Health Regen

AnabolicCirculator DuransBuckler Sustainer LostTreasure EyeofDuran
GuardianSteel EternalDrive DarksteelTitan SpellBuffer


NeosteelVestments CrystalBark DuransBuckler KorhalVanguard ImpactDial
MetalGear ShrapnelCloak ChillingArtifact DarksteelTitan SuperheatedMantle
BarbedPlating CoatofArms

Spell Resist

MirrorPlating Nullifier OlympicTorch KorhalVanguard LifeTechNanosuit
VibraniumShield MossbergTaser ShrapnelCloak ParallaxGenerator SliptideScythe
SpellBuffer ElectricMantle SilverSoul GalacticDefender