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Tosh is one of the strongest heroes in the game mainly due to the fact that he is a carry with some of the highest lockdown potentials in the entire game.

Item List[]

Final Item List

Begin with a Duran's Machette and then build a second Duran's Machette before building a Lightning Rod. Then finish the final item list.

Skill Build[]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Tosh main's skill comes from keeping his Spectres alive so that you can use all the stuns in a teamfight or a gank. Without his Spectres, he is worthless so make sure you can micro them effectively. Also if you do decide to play Tosh, try and make sure the enemy is not running high AoE damage heroes like Vorpal.Valedict or else it will be difficult to keep the Spectres alive.

  • Learn to stunlock! A good stunlock can kill a hero outright at certain points in the game.
  • If you go mid, take up Demigod as the combined DPS from you, the talent, and your Spectres will 1 shot creeps easily and deny easily as well.
  • Remember that when you use your Ultimate, your Weapon Damage becomes 0. That means any item that requires you to deal Weapon Damage is worthless. This is particularly true for Lifesteal effects. Since you don't deal any damage, most Lifesteal items are worthless.
  • Since your Ultimate is how you deal most of your damage, it is possible to go a ultra-tanky Tosh as well.