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Boros is a very unique hero. His kit may seem weird to some but put together and used correctly he is a devastating hero to deal with.

Item List[]

Final Item List

Begin with a Duran's Machette and then a second Duran's Machette. Then build your Impact Dial or if you want to be troll go for a Schrodinger's Lockbox. Then finish the final item list.

Skill Build[]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Boros play is simple, isolate your enemies and destroy them. He can also be a strong initiator with good use of bola. As most carries usually are Boros is squishy but Boros has the ability to have complete spell immunity with the use of his Spell storm, which greatly increases his survivability. Also his ultimate does huge amounts of damage and during it he is practicaly invulnerable (with a few exceptions).

Basically you want to bola enemies off guard and pull them back to your team or tower, activate spellstorm and chase them or if you get them isolated activate spellstorm and use your ultimate for a near guaranteed kill.

  • Spell Storm: Use it to farm, use it to kill heroes, use it to avoid damaging spells. If enemies run into it while you are in a creep wave the creeps will attack you and early on they will damage you quite a bit if you don’t back out.
  • Psionic Bola: this skill is what makes a boros good. It is his only skill shot and the only way he can isolate an enemy efficiently. The best way is to get an enemy unawares by sneaking up on them in their lane and bolaing them from the fog. Alternatively you can cast it just as the creep in front of them is about to die which will sometimes catch them off guard. The third way go towards them which will reveal you are trying to bola them, then try and anticipate how they will try and dodge it and throw it there. Lastly you can try getting them on the return. This is the least reliable method and involves getting close and throwing it right past them, you then put the enemy between yourself and the bola while running back towards your base. This will give them a large time to react however.
  • Double Strike: A passive which gives you a chance of a critical strike, directly increases damage output.
  • Omnislash: This can easily do up to 4k towards late game which can be enough to kill two int heroes or decimate their carry. The problem is you need them to be alone. Do not cast this on enemies in creep waves or a group of enemies. It is ideal to use after you bola an enemy into solitude. Also some enemies will try to bait you into using omnislash as a method of pulling you into their team, do not initiate with this spell unless you know the enemy is alone. During this spell you are untargetable, you will take damage from AoE spells and some spells (such as Unix's ultimate will stick on you even if you ulti). Using Spell storm largely negates this as there are few AoE physical spells or physical damage reflect. True damage will be a problem and every caster with gravity edge will deal a certain amount of true damage on their spells. Against such heroes do not wait until you are low on health to omnislash or you run the risk of dying.