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John + 4 is a AoS team that won the 2012 Galactic League Tournament.


The team was founded when John, along with soedenone and Shablagoo, created a team for the tournament. The remaining members were eventually filled in by chob and Brew after much contemplation.


  • John: One of the most well-liked members of the team, John was one of the core members of the team. His ability to play Biotron.Tyrannitus (lol hard hero) helped his team out a lot. It is also known that John was one who got angry during the tournament for having to initiate as Vorpal.Valedict and sacrifice himself, a situation that he didn't agree with.
  • soedenone: One of the founding members of the team John + 4, soedenone is one of the more established players in AoS history. Having played during 1.0 SotIS in the EU server, he has very good game mechanics. In the tournament, he was known for playing a very strong Vergil.Nerazim
  • Shablagoo: From what sources tell us, Shablagoo was the one who made the calls during their run in John + 4. Having played semi-professional Dota 2, Shablagoo has the experience to run a team properly. In the tournament, it was Shablagoo's Egon that essentially won them the tournament for many people did not realize how broken that hero really was until John + 4 started to abuse it.
  • chob: A friend of soedenone, chob is known for having excellent map awareness as seen from his double Levi steals as grunty via rockets. Not much else is known about chob unfortunately. As mentioned before, chob's Molgloo.Grunty was insane during the tournament and plays the hero at a very high level.
  • Brew: The last member of John + 4, there is very little information on Brew unfortunately. All we know is that he probably had the most experience out of the entire group since he was a dominant force in the inhouse scene back in the early days of SotIS. Even after his prime, he was still a very strong player as seen by his play during the tournament. His Subterran.Unix was very strong.