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The Kill Lane is a lane of usually two heroes that work together to secure quick kills. This combo is usually located in the team's short lane in order to secure their own safety and also to punish the enemy's vulnerability for staying in the hard lane.

Kill Lane Combos[]

There have been many variations of the kill lane in the past. Some examples include:

  • [Shadow/Rory]: This infamous combo involves a Shadow Vortex initiation into a Molotov. The Shadow then Shades the target that is molo'd which allows the Molotov to tick for massive damage.
  • [Rancor/Raynor]: This combo begins with Raynor marking a target. The target is then sniped by Rancor and then the stunned target is then silenced by Raynor. Once the duo reach level 6, Rancor can nuke and Raynor can cast his Kill Shot to secure this easy kill.
  • [LZ/Cain]: This combo works with any real DPS hero but it involves LZ running and ringing a target that can not escape. The DPS hero, in this case Cain, will then DPS the target who can not move for 4 seconds.
  • [Brine/Jackson]: This combo is a little tricky to pull off. It involves either Jackson initiating with a link and optic beam combo or Brine running in and impaling a target back towards Jackson. Either way, the idea is that optic beam is not broken by the Brine pull which allows Jackson to deal maximum damage.
  • [Micro/Toxi]: This devastating combo is very simple and yet very effective. Micro blinks in and tosses a target. The target is then slowed and stunned by Micro once he or she lands. The Toxi then slows with his Venomous Reflux and DPS's the target down until it is dead.