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MastaBeta is one of the founding members of Clan G + G. He is also 1 cheeky kunt as seen by his forum user name. MastaBeta is currently residing in China where he is getting jacked and shredded to maintain the G + G lifestyle.

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MastaBeta has been very keen on making sure that Analog gets banned.

Early Life[]

Legends say that MastaBeta fell from Mount Olympus as the reincarnation of Zyzz, son of Zeus and God of Aesthetics. Several unusual phenomenons are indicative of this fable. Astronomers like Johannes Kepler have recorded the alignment of stars and galaxies that expose the radiant core of star FBS 0102-110 and consequently beaming a vibrant ray of light onto the birthplace of MastaBeta. This occurred on August 1, 1990 in the capital of China, Beijing 39, 55 N, 116, 25 E.

Fast forward 5 years, MastaBeta has become the prospect for the future of the powerlifting association in communist China. Reared by two loving parents and bodybuilders, MastaBeta was entrusted with their dream to claim the greatest honor known to men, the Olympic gold medal. He was introduced to the leaders and founders of the Communist Party of China in 1993 at the age of 3 and immediately adhered to a strict lifestyle that would propel him to success. For the next 13 years he: maintained a single digit body fat of 9%; followed the traditional body building diet consisting of 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrates, while making sure to consume a daily protein intake of 2.2 times his body weight; and swore by the routines and endured the pain of the steroid regimens developed and researched by the secret scientists of the communist state.

Rise to Fame[]

13 years of hard work did not pass in vain. Finally in 2008, in the Beijing Olympics, in the limelight of thousands of live audiences and millions of TV viewers, MastaBeta reaped the rewards of his hard work on the stage of the famous Bird's Nest Stadium. He won his first gold medal in a spectacular fashion, setting a world record 405lbs, or 4 plates in body building terminology, bench press in the 65kg division. With this achievement, MastaBeta dignified his existence and more importantly, answered and met the hopes and expectations of his parents.

Having proven his worth to the motherland, MastaBeta requested an exchange trip to North America to experience the western expertise in body building and to preach his communist dogma to the uninformed drones of North America. This has placed him in Canada, where he now resides. Canada, arguably the best nation on Earth, being socialist in nature, readily accepted MastaBeta and his leftist beliefs.

Aeon of Storms Initiation[]

On May 5, 2011 5:55am, MastaBeta received an internship offer from Myron Gaines, head of the Broscience Department in Columbia University, in collaboration with the CellTech Department of New York University, to research the potency of the 5/3/1 routine in strength training. Seeing this as his only chance to escape the harsh winter, polar bears and igloo homes of Canada, MastaBeta willingly accepted the opportunity. True to his diligent nature, MastaBeta was extremely successful in his research. His publication The Efficacy of 5/3/1 in vivo is an extremely popular article in The Journal of Broscience even today, with the highest impact factor and citation count of all scientific journals. Seeing his potential, MastaBeta was immediately presented with a permanent position in the laboratory with a $10000 pay per day, also known as CEO 10k/day. However, undeterred and uncorrupted by the ideology of capitalism, he refused, opting to serve the people and do greater good for society instead.

This is when MastaBeta turned to Aeon of Storms. New York is where he met AwesomeClock, the chairman of the CellTech Department of New York University. Seeing the interests and the thick, solid, tight aesthetic physique they shared, AwesomeClock introduced the classified muscle stimulating device, Aeon of Storms, to MastaBeta.

Heroes and Playstyle[]

MastaBeta is known to specialize in playing Shadow.Geminus and has not been seen playing any other heroes. This is likely due to the fact that Shadow.Geminus embodies the fighting will and spirit deep inside MastaBeta's heart, and vice versa. He is the epitome of an assasin who silently stalks his prey, waiting for the opportune moment to slay the unexpecting victim with one clean Shade. Over the years, he has reached the pinnacle of Shadow.Geminus mastery, becoming one with the hero in mind and in body. Rumors say that MastaBeta does not require a keyboard or mouse to play Aeon of Storms so long as he is playing Shadow.Geminus. He is able to link his soul and mind to his beloved hero, thereby materializing in the Starcraft world to defeat his foes.

In the event that Shadow.Geminus is banned in draft pick, MastaBeta would choose to rage quit the match and return after his mumble ban. But when he does play, it is expected that he picks Shadow.Geminus. He is renowned for his unorthodox but effective strategies. For instance, he is known to give first blood and feed purposely to instill a false sense of hope in his enemies and to invigorate his teammates. Not to mention, he is creative enough to lane Shadow.Geminus in the suicide lane and to jungle in the opponent's jungle.

Parallel to his body building beliefs, MastaBeta believes that a tanky Shadow.Geminus is the key to winning. His standard items consists of: Superheated Mantle, Lightning Rod, Pyre, Small Hadron Collider, Explosive Retrofit, Darwin's Might, Time Splitter, Sliptyde Scythe and Parallax Generator. MastaBeta is extremely skilled with Shadow's abilities: he saves Shade for the perfect moment to steal kills; uses Vortex to sacrifice his teammates; and never wastes Shadow Walk in a team fight so it can be used to escape when necessary.