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Micro is a very strong hero that, if used right, can be insanely difficult to deal with.

Item Build[]

Final Item List

If this is an inhouse, replace the Small Hadron Collider with another item of your choice such as a Darksteel Titan or a Barbed Plating. This is because Small Hadron Collider, Warp Shard, and Impact Dial is banned in inhouse on Micro.

You should begin with 2 Duran's Buckler into a Warp Shard unless this is an inhouse. If you are in an inhouse, start building a Electric Mantle then a Korhal Vanguard into the rest of the final item build.

Skill Build[]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


As Micro, you have one main goal: initiate and secure kills. The entire purpose of the hero is to get into the enemy's space and get a kill for your team. This is possible due to Micro's amazing kit.

  • Fast Twitch, his passive, is quite possibly the best heroic passive in the game. The stun and damage component of the skill allows you to not only set up easy kills after your toss but also lets you kill targets as well since it does reasonable damage.
  • Constricting Slime (Q) allows you to slow enemies to get in range of your throw. It also allows you to slow enemies in range of your teammates so that the can secure a kill on the target. It is also a very good way to peel enemies off your carry as the slow affects all units around Micro who is very large himself.
  • Psionic Slam (W) is Micro's bread and butter. It tosses units near Micro to wherever Micro wants to throw them. It initiates kills and it can also save players since whoever is in the air is removed from play.
  • Spatial Flux (E) is Micro's blink and it's amazing as well. It takes Micro out of combat for 1 second and lets him move anywhere he wants whether or not he has vision of the area or not. Since Micro dissapears before he reappears, you can trick the opponent into where you are blinking to.
  • Expand! (R) is Micro's Ultimate. It gives him straight Strength which makes him tankier and makes his Fast Twitch hurt a lot harder.