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Aeon of Storms (AoS) is a MOBA game on the Starcraft 2 engine inspired by Dota-Allstars, a highly popular Warcraft 3 custom map. Like most MOBAs, AoS's gameplay revolves around a single "hero" unit controlled by the player. The hero can level up by gaining experience from nearby enemy units who are killed by either the hero or his allies. Every level, the hero is granted one skill point which he may invest into a skill. All heroes have a "heroic passive" skill when they start. Each hero also has 3 basic skills, 1 ultimate skill, which can only be added at level 6, and a stat bonus skill. The heroes do not start with these skill and must invest skill points to use them.

The map consists of 2 bases, the Zerg base and the Protoss base at the bottom-left and top-right corner of the map respectively, 3 "lanes" where AI controlled units travel along, and a river running through the center of the map. In between lanes are forests where units known as "neutral creeps" spawn. These neutral creeps can be killed for additional exp and money.

The object of the game is to destroy the artifact building located at the heart of the Zerg and Protoss base. To reach the artifact, one must destroy at least 3 turrets in the same lane. Destroying multiple turrets allows your team to siege the base more efficiently although there are many diverse strategies one can use to reach and destroy the artifact. Players must create unique and well-rounded hero compositions in order to defeat the other team so that they can come out victorious.
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A nameless scientist, Jackson eludes the warriors of the battlefront unnoticed. Unbeknownst to those who do not recognize the consequences of his presence, Jackson commands the very epidemics that they believe him to be victim to.

Jackson's suit allows him to manipulate the polarity of electrons in the atmosphere, giving him more control over electricity and magnetism. With this he can disrupt the operation of weapons, as well as immobilize biological structures with radiation.
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