New Aeon of Storms Wiki

The Off-lane, also known as the hard lane or the suicide lane, is the lane where the creeps engage furthest from your tower. Due to the short reinforcement distance, your creeps will often end up on the opponent's side of the river, leaving you in a vulnerable position next to their jungle, and susceptible to heroes coming through the river to gank you from behind.

Solo Lane Strategy[]

One of the most common methods of laning involve having one person solo the hard lane in order to have two people on your team set up a kill lane on your short lane. This may prove to be incredibly difficult for certain heroes since being alone at a vulnerable position usually means two things:

  • The enemies will zone you out of EXP range
  • The enemies will deny every creep out of your reach, leaving you with no money

While some heroes are not meant to be in this lane, certain heroes and certain tactics allow players to solo this lane with only a little bit of inconvenience. Heroes that can solo the hard lane include:

These heroes have a couple things in common: They have some sort of escape mechanism and have ways to sustain in the hard lane.