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Starscream is a strong hero who has some of the best re-positioning skills in the game. The ability to travel out of bounds makes him a very fun hero if nothing else.

Item List[]

Final Item List

Begin the game with either a Duran's Buckler or a Duran's Pendant. Then make your Superheated Mantle and finish the final item list afterwards.

Skill Build[]

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Starscreams early game power is insanely strong. His Q and R damage melts enemies. No matter how you build starscream a nitrogen retrofit is a must item. Giving his Q an aoe slow in teamfights creates a lot of pressure and lack of mobility for the enemy team. 

  • Build Nitrogen Retrofit as a first item. The slow is amazing, while providing your skills with more damage and much needed health as well.
  • Starscream is an early game powerhouse. Use this to your advantage. I (Revolution) prefer mid because of the eveness in lane, which allows me to be very aggressive.
  • When the enemy team is setting up to take Aeon use your flight mode so you can discourage your enemies by using your Q to provide just enough damage to make them change their mind about engaging your team.
  • Starscream falls off hard late game so you cannot afford to drag the game out. Win as fast as possible.
  • If you are low health in lane you can sit by your tower and let your heroic passive heal you rapidly over the next few seconds.
  • Use your flight mode W to set up fast and unexpected ganks on enemies who are overextended.