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Quistmann is one of the NA players from the inhouse community. He was originally known for playing a good Int Rancor but lately in the inhouse scene he has been known for playing support heroes such as Doctor.Geneva and Queen.Imperius. It is also widely known that while Quistmann excels at many heroes the concept of press A and clicking on an enemy hero escapes him making it impossible for him to play AA heroes.

Personal Life[]

Quistmann is one of the most devout Mormons on Mumble. His religion has been under the scrutiny of a lot of other inhouse players, mainly because everyone on Mumble is ultra-liberal. In fact, one could argue that the entire inhouse community basically approves of whatever Rachel Maddow promotes.

Moderation and the Forums[]

Quistmann is one of the modorators on the AoS forums alongside Adamantium , Banzaiguy, JustSAfrican, Midknight, and Wrath .