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Red Hydra playing Jenga

DISCLAIMER: We in the inhouse community love RedHydra and all that he does.

Early Life

Red Hydra is an elite tier 10 player reigning from the streets of Brooklyn. At the age of 6 Red Hydra first learned about the term balance when he was riding his bicycle without his training wheels and fell off. After attempting multiple times to get back up and try again he finally gave up as he never learned how to ride a bike. It is believed that this traumatic event is the reason why the concept of balance has escaped him.


In late 2011, Red Hydra became fed up with his status as a Tier 10 player and came up with the idea for a character based on the Wings of Liberty hero Jim Raynor. The character was extremely strong when released, but it was "fairly balanced." However, Red Hydra saw him as underpowered. In the coming weeks Red Hydra would buff Raynor approximately 389 times. Red's reaction to nerfing or buffing a hero can be summarized with the following phrase. "Better buff Raynor."

Ex: Drake's magnitude synergizes too well with his pluck.

Red's reaction: Take magnitude out of the game and increase Raynor's ulti damage by 20.

Ex2: Micro's has infinite mana with his blink and the gap closing capabilities are simply too good.

Red's reaction: Remove the mana regen portion, give the blink a delay and buff Raynor's base damage by 50.

The results of these buff's has elevated Red Hydra to a status of Tier 9 amongst the community.

Red Hydra on Balanced