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Revolution, also known as JustRevolt, is a NA player from the inhouse community. Revolution is one of the members of Clan G + G, an amazing clan that deals with fucking bitches and lifting weights.


Revolution was originally supposed to be a moderator on the Mumble server for Aeon of Storms. He was chosen along with Zerapa and SOFTLIKEROCK to be voted on who would become the next Mumble mod. Eventually, it turned out that REvolution had the people's vote but RedHydra decided that he liked Soft better so he gave him mod instead of Revolution. This incident draws similarities to the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election where George Bush was given mod over the United States over Al Gore.

Personal Life[]

Revolution always had a major issue he had to deal with throughout his life. This issue can be described as a "fucking problem". It usually, if not always, involved bad bitches and can be associated with the desire to fuck. He has also become indoctrinated in the ways of Carl the Llama by the influence of WhaleTits , as was, for a short time, even leader of Clan Caaaarl.