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Rory is one of the most dangerous early game heroes in AoS. He is also a very strong teamfight hero thanks to his Ultimate.

Item List[]

Final Item List

Begin with a Duran's Pendant or a component of Schrodinger's Lockbox. Rush a Schrodinger's Lockbox ASAP and then a Small Hadron Collider after. Finish the final item list after all that.

Skill Build[]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


As Rory you must do well in the early game or else you will fall off late-game. This is because Parallax Generator is borderline broken against him at the moment and so you must snowball your team ahead fast enough so that the other team never gets enough Parallax Generator to counter you.

  • Use the lockbox and time it so that your molotov hits them right when they leave the lockbox. This ensures a molotov hit everytime. Combo this with a rebounder into a Stevie for an easy kill.
  • If you are feeling really good about your Rory, you can lockbox someone and the throw the Stevie before throwing the molotov. This gives them a bit of time to escape but if you are fast enough you can still hit them with the molotov. This method ensures a kill since the Stevie will tick automatically but it is a lot riskier.
  • Rebound enemies that are clumped together for maximum effect.
  • Before you die, spam your skills and you may get a kill of out it.
  • Never throw your molotov without some guarantee that it will hit.
  • Using Sunflare Gun after a molotov hit will usually kill the target.