New Aeon of Storms Wiki
Primary Attribute Strength
Strength 33 (+6)
Agility 27 (+4)
Intelligence 30 (+5)
Starting Health 250
Starting Energy ??
Base Armor ??
Movement Speed 2.90
Base Damage 56 (+3.5)
Attack Speed 1.8
Attack Range 5
Sight Range 12
Difficulty ??
Role DPS
Status Current
Alignment Neutral Evil


Lore: In a past life, Kerrigan was a ghost working for the Confederacy under Emperor Mengsk. After her abandonment on New Gettysburg, she is consumed by the Overmind and transformed into the Queen of Blades. Purposed with aiding the Overmind to avert the extinction of the Zerg, she rises through the Zerg Heirarchy to lead them against an uncertain future.


Kerrigan Screenshot.jpg


Passive: Whenever Kerrigan kills a unit, she recovers heal equal to 3% of that unit's Maximum Health.

Bone Blade Boomerang
COST: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 mana
Bone Blade Boomerang.png

Active: Kerrigan throws a serrated boomerang that deals Physical Damage to all enemies in it's path during both launch and return. Damaged units lose 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

  • Physical Damage: 100% / 110% / 120% / 130% (Weapon Damage)
Glaive Wurm
Glaive Wurm.png

Passive: Kerrigan's attacks bounce to nearby enemies, dealing 20% less Physical Damage per bounce.

  • Weapon Bounce: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Infecting Blades
Infecting Blades.png

Passive: Kerrigan's attacks apply Infestation, dealing Spell Damage over 3 seconds.

  • Spell Damage: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 (+30% INT)
Swarm Invasion
COST: 30 + 4% Maximum Energy mana
Swarm Invasion.png

Active: Kerrigan calls down a pod zerg mass. After a 1 second delay, enemies in a 3-unit area take Spell Damage. Each successive cast within 6 seconds will add 0.25 seconds to the delay, but consecutive hits on a unit increase damage by 25%. Effect caps after 3 casts.

  • Spell Damage: 70 / 140 / 210 (+45% INT)


See Strategy

A "ranged bruiser" with an int build option, Kerrigan should take mid or short lane and focus on getting every creep kill she can with her amazing laning phase. She is slow and cumbersome, so positioning in teamfights is absolutely key. In later fights, spam ult for vision and poke. Max E first for the insane dot in laning. Note that her W Bounces do not proc any item effects except crit/lifesteal/her E. Run 1/3/2 talents, taking weapon damage, health, armor, both movespeed, and finally youth.