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Rancor is one of the strongest INT casters in the game and in the right hands, can even carry games from his insane burst damage.

Item List[]

Final Item List

If starting with Wealth, take a Blinkmoth Serum and a Duran's Pendant. Otherwise go for a Duran's Pendant or if you are feeling lucky, get the components for Ihan Crystal first. Whichever step you took first, your next goal is to build the Ihan Crystal. Build an Argus Crystal and Gravity Edge then complete the final item list.

Skill Build[]

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Rancor's main strength comes from his snipe. It deals high damage and stuns for a good duration. This can lead to him getting a kill or setting up a kill for someone else on the team. Learn to position yourself well with Rancor since many experienced players have trained themselves to see the shimmer of a cloaked Rancor running around. If trying to be stealthy, remain still and stay cloaked until the time is right.

Cloak run to your enemy with sunflare clicked then u nuke/snipe snipe then nuke.

  • Nuke then Snipe for maximum damage.
  • Scan objectives and high-traffic areas regularly. You can also scan for wards and destroy them.
  • Since Sentry Ward are at half-price for Rancor, you should be warding frequently throughout the map.
  • Once you get level 2 cloak, you can stay cloaked forever.
  • Try not to snipe without your cloak since it only has INT scaling when you are cloaked.
  • You can use nukes to clear creep waves that are pushing towards your outer towers.
  • Focus nukes on the entire team and not just on one person if possible.