New Aeon of Storms Wiki

Timescale is the mechanic that essentially allows one to have lower cooldowns and faster attack speed.

Timescale is a buff that you will rarely see. A few of the only ways to get/lose Timescale are:

  • Be Shadow.Geminus in your ultimate [The Shadow Walk]
  • Be an ally (or enemy) of Null.Disruptor
  • Vergil's Heroic Passive, Devil Trigger, grants +20% Time Scale when you are below 35% Health.

Timescale does exactly one thing: it increases how fast the unit performs relative to game-time. This means that if the unit has 1 Energy regeneration per second but +100% [or 200% total] Timescale, they heal 2 Energy per second relative to game time. If a unit has 2 Attack Speed [Which is to say that it attacks once every 2 seconds], it will, with +100% Time, attack every 1 second.

HOWEVER!! These changes WILL NOT BE LISTED on the unit. Timescale also increases how fast animations play out [which can be important for some heroes; they will deal their damage / launch their projectile faster].

This stat is calculated by multiplying values.

E.g. if you had both a +5% Timescale buff and a -5% Timescale debuff, you won't have 100% Timescale. You will have 99.75% Timescale.