New Aeon of Storms Wiki

A Tower, is a heavy fortification that blocks the enemy's minion waves and champions' path to the Artifact. In order for a hero to push forward and continue its assault into the enemies’ territory, the hero must destroy these turrets. Charging creeps will not be able to pass any further up a lane until the tower closest to them is destroyed. Towers do heavy damage to enemy units.

Attack Prioritization[]

Towers will continue to attack their current target until the target dies, leaves attack range, or becomes untargetable due to abilities or items.

If an enemy hero within range deals damage to an allied champion (including via damage over time or a pet), the turret will change targets to that enemy hero unless the tower is already targeting another enemy champion.


Towers deal True Damage to all targets. The closer the tower is to the base, the stronger the tower gets.

Artifact Temple[]

Unlike other MOBAs, AoS's final building is an Artifact Temple that acts as both the Nexus and the final towers. This building deals True Damage + 2.5% of your Maximum Health and will attack anything that it comes in range with.