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Defense Tree
+180 Health+7% Spell Resist+2.3 Health Regen+6 ArmorWhile you have more than 70% of your Maximum Health, you gain +11% Movement SpeedRespawn Time reduced by 35%+50% Spell and Physical Resistance for 6 secondsDefenseTree01.png
Other Talent Trees:
Offense · Utility

Undying is a tier 2 talent found in the Defense tree. One must invest at least 2 points in the tree to acquire it.


Respawn Time reduced by 25%


While most people tend to shy away from this talent, it is one of the few talents that scales into the late game. It can lower your respawn time from 1:10 seconds to about 40 seconds in the late game, making it very useful if you are willing to invest into it.